About Scarban

Scars disfigure your skin

The more severe the wound, the greater the chance of a scar (small or large). Take action: prevent or limit scarring as much as possible – which is exactly what Scarban medical silicone sheets and silicone gel does.

The scar-reducing effects of silicone are a benefit of scientifically supported therapy1

Which is why medical silicone sheets has become the preferred therapy in professional scar treatment. Our silicone sheets are recommended most by scar-care professionals.

Treating scars with Scarban

You’ll quickly experience the benefits of Scarban products: Complaints such as itching and pain are relieved or disappear within a few days. Visible results are seen within 2-4 months:

Your scar becomes more flexible, flatter and less red. Scar formation is reduced/minimized.


Remember when treating scars: an early start prevents scar formation!

How Scarban works

A scar

Any deeper skin wound will always result in scar formation. A scar normally remains at approximately the same level as the skin and will stop developing after a few weeks to a few months. At the same time it will adopt almost the same colour and flexibility as the surrounding skin. Abnormal scars thicken and/or become hard and the scar tissue often has a bright red colour.

Scar formation without Scarban

A scar loses many times more moisture than the normal, surrounding skin. The body responds to this by sending stimulating healing factors to the scar tissue, allowing more connective tissue to be created. This can cause hypertrophic or keloid scars.

Increased chances of scarring

Some people are, unfortunately, more likely to develop a problem scar. If any one of the following factors are present then it is advisable to start using Scarban immediately after the wound has closed.

  • Hereditary tendency

  • Young age

  • Dark skin colour

  • Wounds that are still not closed after 2 weeks

  • Scars on joints or breastbone

Scar formation with Scarban

Covering the scar with Scarban® scar sheet or scar gel reduces moisture loss to the same level as the surrounding skin. In response, the body stops the supply of stimulating healing factors and the scar will become more flexible, flatter, less red and will settle down more quickly. Any itching or irritation of the scar is also relieved or even prevented.

Results of Scarban Treatment

Scarban can be used in the treatment of virtually any scar (regardless of cause, size or location). Some of our results are set out below:


  • Patiënt: man

  • Age: 35 years

  • Accident: car


After wound closure Scarban Silicone sheet + compression sheet

Scar accident car
Scar accident

  • Patiënt: female

  • Age: 30 years

  • Accident: ironing press


After wound closure Scarban Silicone sheet + compression sheet

scar hand

  • Patiënt: female

  • Age: 45 years

  • Result of accident


Scarban Silicone sheet

Scar from wound
Scar from knife


1) Monstrey S, Middelkoop E, et al. Updated scar management practical guidelines: non-invasive and invasive measures. Journal of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 2014.