Silicone gel

Silicone gel is specially created to fade, reduce and prevent small scars. The gel is ideal for scars on the face and other visible body parts.

  • Reduces itching and pain

  • Scar becomes more flexible, flatter and less red

  • Scar formation is minimized

What is silicone gel?

The product is a transparent, self-drying gel made of medical silicone. The gel forms a thin layer on top of the skin, without penetrating the skin. So it is always in contact with the skin.

Scarban Velvet Touch is used in professional scar therapy for the prevention and treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloid scars. Scientific studies show that the use of silicone reduces (abnormal) scar formation.

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Scar treatment with a gel

Silicone gel minimizes the risk of an abnormal scar. The scar treatment helps you reduce old and new scars. Use Scarban Velvet Touch for small scars in visible areas. After surgery or an accident. Or for example for scars after a nose- or eyelid correction.

Scarban silicone gel

Scarban Velvet Touch

  • Invisible scar therapy
  • Extremely suitable for small scars
  • Quick-dry (wear under make-up)
  • Container with dosage pump Long-lasting effect

Facial scars

Silicone gel is ideally suited for applying to the face. The gel is not noticeable and promotes scar healing. The treatment helps to reduce the visibility of scars.

Scars (such as eyelid correction scars) become less noticeable. This is also the case after an operation or other (cosmetic) facial procedures.

Why silicone gel is great for facial scars:

  • Silicone gel is transparent (non-visible)
  • Extremely suitable for small scars (e.g. surgical scars)
  • Quick-drying. Make-up may be applied on top of the gel
  • Easy to use. Apply a small amount of silicone gel to the scar twice a day with a smooth motion


Scarban silicone gel