Instruction silicone gel

Scarban silicone gel is a medical device. Follow the instructions that come with the product. And always follow the advice of your practitioner. This page provides a brief outline of instructions for use. Download the instructions for use for full information.

  • Relieves symptoms such as itching, pain and irritation

  • Makes scars smoother, flatter and less red

  • Proven effective

Instruction for use

  • For optimum results preferably start Scarban Velvet Touch silicone gel treatment immediately after wound closure (after removing sutures and the disappearance of any scabs)
  • A small amount of silicone gel per treatment is sufficient. For optimal therapy, apply a small amount of silicone gel to the scar twice a day with a smooth motion.
  • Reapply Scarban Velvet Touch silicone gel after intensive activity (sports) and contact with water (showering, swimming).
  • If desired, Scarban Velvet Touch gel can be combined with make-up after drying.

Duration of use

Use Scarban Velvet Touch silicone gel as long the scar is elevated, red or causes complaints. It takes at least 3-6 months for a scar to normalize.

When used correctly, one vial contains enough for treatment lasting several weeks.  The duration of use depends on the size of the scar to be treated. Multiple packs may therefore be necessary in the case of long-term therapy.

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  • Start after wound closure.

  • Use the gel 2 times a day.

  • First results after 3 months of treatment.

Instruction for use

You can start using Scarban when the wound is fully closed.

It takes about 2 to 4 months to see a difference in your scar. You can continue treatment until the maximum result is achieved.

Yes. Scarban works on both, old and recent scars.

Swimming while wearing Scarban is not recommended. You are advised to remove the Scarban sheets before swimming. We recommend re-applying Scarban Velvet Touch Gel immediately after swimming.