How Scarban works

Scarban relaxes the scar and relieves redness, pain and irritation. It is also an ideal solution for the prevention of direct friction on the skin.

Scar formation

Any deeper skin wound will always result in scar formation. A scar normally remains at approximately the same level as the skin and will stop developing after a few weeks to a few months. At the same time it will adopt almost the same colour and flexibility as the surrounding skin. Abnormal scars thicken and/or become hard and the scar tissue often has a bright red colour.

Increased chances of scarring

Some people are, unfortunately, more likely to develop a so called “problem scar”. If any one of the following factors are present then it is advisable to start using Scarban immediately after the wound has closed.

  • Hereditary tendency
  • Young age
  • Dark skin colour
  • Wounds that are still not closed after 2 weeks
  • Scars on joints or breastbone

Scar formation without Scarban

A scar loses many times more moisture than the normal, surrounding skin. The body responds to this by sending stimulating healing factors to the scar tissue, allowing more connective tissue to be created. This can cause hypertrophic or keloid scars.

  • Excessive moisture loss from the scar
  • Additional formation of scar tissue
  • Increased risk of abnormalities


  • Persistent complaints (redness, itching, pain)
  • Thickening of the scar (hypertrophy/keloid)
  • May not normalise

Scar formation with Scarban

Covering the scar with a Scarban scar sheet or scar gel reduces moisture loss to the same level as the surrounding skin. In response, the body stops the supply of stimulating healing factors and the scar will become more flexible, flatter, less red and will settle down more quickly. Any itching or irritation of the scar is also relieved or even prevented.

  • Reduces moisture loss
  • The scar settles earlier and recovers faster


  • Your scar will become flatter and less red
  • The skin becomes more supple (less skin tension)
  • Scarring is minimized

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