Instruction silicone finger

Scarban silicone finger is designed especially for the treatment of scars on fingers. The silicone finger is made for scars that are caused by deep damage to the skin from burn wounds, surgery, trauma or skin disease. Follow the practical tips below. And always follow your doctor’s or therapist’s advice regarding this product.

Size guide

The size of the silicone finger is determined based on the contour of the finger. Scarban finger tape is universally applicable.

  • Small (S) = 5,5 cm | 2,2 inch
  • Medium (M) = 6,5 cm | 2,5 inch
  • Large (L) = 7,5 cm | 3 inch
  • Extra Large (XL) = 8,5 cm | 3,3 inch

When you are in between sizes, choose the smaller size. This size applies more pressure to the scar, which benefits the healing process.


Step 1: Coat finger with a cream

Coat the finger that’s in need of treatment with a cream (for example, ALHYDRAN medical cream). This way it slides easily into the silicone finger.

instruction for use handline step 2

Step 2: Slide finger into the silicone finger

Carefully pull the Scarban silicone finger over the finger that needs treatment.

Scarban Finger step 1

Step 3: Slide finger into the compression sock

Pull the Scarban compression sock carefully over the silicone finger with back-and-forth movements. The compression sock will create a complementary scar treatment.

Scarban Finger step 2

Step 4: How to remove the Scarban silicone finger

When removing the Scarban Finger, first remove the compression sock from the affected finger (from the bottom to the top). Next, carefully remove the silicone finger.

Scarban Finger
  • Relieves symptoms such as itching, pain and irritation

  • Makes scars smoother, flatter and less red

  • Proven effective

Scarban Finger Tape

Finger tape is a good alternative to the silicone finger, in case the silicone finger doesn’t fit well or if you prefer to use tape.

The super elastic silicone tape (30 x 2,5 cm | 11,8 x 1 inch) treats scars around a finger. Always start at the end of the finger and work towards the body (heart). Ensure an even pressure intensity distribution. Pressure also provides additional scar treatment.

Scarban Elastic Fingerwrap

More information

Swimming while wearing Scarban is not recommended. You are advised to remove the Scarban sheets before swimming. We recommend re-applying Scarban Velvet Touch Gel immediately after swimming.

There are currently no known side effects.

Yes. Scarban works on both, old and recent scars.

It takes about 2 to 4 months to see a difference in your scar. You can continue treatment until the maximum result is achieved.

You can start using Scarban when the wound is fully closed.