My doctor advised me Scarban

I had some ugly scars on my hands/arms. My doctor advised me to use Scarban silicone sheets. It’s a plaster that you paste on your scar and wear for 23 hours a day, then you wash it with soap and you can use it again. I’ve now been using it for just a week and my reaction is – WOW! The scars were so dark and purplish – and now they really look paler. Scarban is also supposed to work on older scars.  So if you’re really SUPER-annoyed with a scar, this is really a must! The only downside is that it’s quite expensive, but I really think it’s worth it 🙂


“Breast reduction, from an E cup to a nice C”

It all went well. In the beginning I was a bit shocked at my new breast size. I found them extremely small. But that just took time. I am now very satisfied with my C cup. And the scars are very slowly improving. 3 months ago I started with scar treatment, using Scarban Silicone sheets. It’s taking time, but you can already see an improvement.


My doctor advised me Scarban

Started Scarban 4 months after a DIEP flap. I use the abdomen, it fits exactly, didn’t have to trim it.  I’ve applied it now for about 3 weeks and can already see a difference. The scar is much less red and pulls less.

I got the Silicone Sheets via my GP, the scar turned out really good. Im verry happy.


Scarban is certainly useful

After my amputation I got such an ugly, tight, red scar that the plastic surgeon had to open it again to get it right. The plastic surgeon gave me Scarban plasters and the scar is now fine.


I can highly recommend Scarban

My surgery (amputation) took place 18 months ago and I started using Scarban. My physiotherapist came up with the idea and we are both very excited about its effect. My scar was very red and swollen and this is already much reduced. I can therefore highly recommend it.


Scarban is certainly useful

During a symposium for oncology nurses over the past 2 days I have gathered more information about Scarban.

And it’s certainly useful. Namely:

– Scarban can be used until long after the operation (sometimes even 2 years later).

– It can always be used on a scar that is still red.

– If a scar itches Scarban helps a lot.

– Every doctor (and therefore also a general practitioner) can simply prescribe it – and it’s covered by healthcare insurance.